When you journal, you write and image what you know and are closest to at the present time. So the Lucy figure and the kimono lady appeared in another page of my mini journal.

Here is a detail of the page.

I found myself writing around Lucy a quote from Johns Robbins book A Diet for a New America:

May all be fed,

May all be healed,

May all be loved.

When your life revolves around finding balance and you spend a hefty portion of your day cooking, is it any wonder that it all comes to surfaces without thinking?

On the left side of Lucy, I wrote the saying on the take out bag of the Golden Temple in Brookline, MA. Great food, nice vegetarian options.

Doesn’t that just say it all? I took the words and did them up in Photoshop. You can’t save those bags forever, although I do have friends who have accused me of being a bag lady.

This oriental lady immerged from the design elements on the page. I drew in a face and few lines suggesting a kimono. Must have been channeling the ones who brought Macrobiotic to the United States.

Materials used: Dylusion spray, acrylic paints, stencils, stamps, Stabilo pencil for hand drawing, Sharpie marker.