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Diving into to something new like art journaling will, of course, lead to internet searches of other art journal blogs. I was looking at painting styles, lettering styles and types of media used on paper.

Somehow I stumbled onto Carla Sonheim and fell in love. Something about imaginary creatures just resinated with me. So I began to throw down water color washes and sketch shapes from sidewalk cracks and photos I had taken of texture like the one below.

The textures above became line drawings.

On this page shapes were colored using pencils and copic markers.

I did some shapes by smearing pastel chalks onto watercolor paper and loved the results when creatures started to emerge.

I can’t even remember how I ended up with this pile of characters. All of the above are pastels with color pencil and white acrylic ink.

Before Carla, I had imaged a journal with some nature backgrounds and maybe some fluffy little birds. This is a departure but I love it.

I am now working on water color blobs and drips on paper. Results to be posted soon.