drawbugI’m taking a 21 day Drawing Class with Carla Sonheim. Everyday we get a video and a new assignment. The students have been asked to do things like draw with their non dominant hand, draw without looking at your paper, draw outlines only and draw looking at your paper 30 percent of the time. Here are some of my assignments so far.

bunny non dominant handThis is a plush toy bunny drawn with my non dominant hand.

Cheater one We had to do an outline of an animal from a photograph without looking at the paper. I chose a seagull. We could “peek” once or twice to get our pen in a better orientation. Hence the name “Cheater Drawings” for this assignment.

Once the outline was done we could go back with a fine line pen and draw in detail. This was fun. It was impossible to copy the photo exactly. This made for a much more quirky critter.

shape animal twoshape animal oneshape animal threeThe above three drawings came from shapes I found outside on walls and sidewalks. After drawing the outline of the shape, I looked to see what kind of creature would emerge. Then I filled in with detail. Can you tell I really liked doing this. We were only required to do one finished drawing. I ended up doing several. Blobimals.

outline from photo animal

Finally comes my little groundhog. Here we started out with a photo of an animal. We were suppose to use the outline shape and then fill in detail any way we wanted. I couldn’t quite capture the whimsical kind of drawing I did with my blob shapes. It came out looking like I was trying to copy a photograph.

We are half way through with the course. It’s been a great experience.