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I have been looking at other artist’s painting on photographs for years and pondering trying it for myself. The interest was there but it took Dina Wakely’s class In Your Image  at Ink About It to finally get my engines started.

Silhouette in three

First we took a photo and cut out a silhouette stencil. I prepped a 12 x 18 sheet of watercolor paper with acrylic paints and stencils over the background.

Call me maybe

Here is the same stencil in a journal page.

Girl with pearl earring trace

This is my girl with a pearl earring. I traced over my photo with carbon paper onto a gelli plate print in my journal. I painted over the face but left the heavy tracing lines of the photo.

Double page

In this double journal page I painted over the photo, cut it out and collaged it on the left side of the journal. The right side was a photo transfer using Apollo Ink Jet Transfer Film.

another life adjusted

Butterflies and Moths

Loved this class. There is so much more to explore here. All the photos I used were of me in my 20’s. I haven’t gotten to the part yet where I want to explore my wrinkles.

Thank you, Dina, for this intro to “selfles” and for always making me think and grow.