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The first fairytale we are exploring in 2014 Year of the Fairy Tale is The Tsarevna Frog, a Russian folk tale of a princess turned into a frog. You can read this lovely twist to the traditional frog plot here.

We were asked to sketch faces and frogs and do several readings of the story. Our assignment was to do three spot illustrations. If we had time we could do a full illustration.

My full illustration above shows Vassilissa the frog princess getting Ivan’s arrow shot into her swamp.

They are forced to marry much to Ivan’s dismay. This is the spot illustration which would be inserted into the text.

The Wedding

Next, Vassilisa sheds her frog skin at night and calls down her maidens to help her bake bread at her father-in-law’s request.

Baking BreadThe last spot illustration shows Ivan and Vassilissa after many trials and tribulations getting their “Happy Ever After”.

Happily Ever After