Your Crazy is Showing


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This week I took a journaling class with Nancy Lefko at Ink About It. Most of my previous journaling involved my own drawings with the use of stenciling and stamping.

With Nancy, the class used printed images collaged into the page. Instead of gesso and mat media, we used a glue stick. Pages came together quickly. Here are the two I did in class.

Nancy page oneI hadn’t really planned it but a dancing theme started coming out as I worked.

Nancy page twoThis week end I did one more page after watching several Teesha Moore YouTube videos.

Your Crazy

It was fun inserting a little Zentangling into the page. My pet creatures were an unplanned surprise as I move little cut out pieces of gears. It all came together very quickly. The pen work and lettering, on the other hand, took a lot longer.


April-Not Forgotten, Just Delayed


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close up


It’s been a strange and distracting month. I did get some time to do more experimenting with my supplies. I tried out my gelatos over a background of gesso and acrylic wash.

April base


I did a chaotic rather than orderly calendar by cutting out some die cut tags from Papertrey Ink. Before I applied them, I decided I wanted more flowers. I added those with Tim Holt distress stains. I probably should have uses a more absorbent surface but it worked.

with numbers


As you can see you know the date but not the day of the week.

close up with numbers

Tricycles, Bicycles


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HealthI started this page by priming with gesso. I added Golden’s Light Modeling paste and stamped into the areas to create texture. The Tricycle and Bicycle pictures were collaged onto the page. From there it was layer after layer of light paint washes and journaling.

Health page oneIt just goes to show that obsession to the best way toward fitness and health are nothing new.

Bike page two



Luscious Pan Pastels for March


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pan pastels


For my March Journal page I used these gorgeous pan pastels for the first time. I laid down the base colors and used a stencil on the bottom.

base page

Instead of leprechauns and shamrocks, the page brought to mind an underwater world.

So I dove in…….


Here is the finished page.

left fish


girl fishright fish


Soon Spring will be here and then we can start thinking of swimming next.

February Journal Page


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Everyone knows that February is all about reds and pinks and hearts and flowers. So picking colors was simple.

I started out with Dylusions Spray in red and purple and some stencils.

First spraying


The next layer of Golden acrylics softened things up a bit while still showing the original background.

Second layer


And finally all the details-girl, hearts, flowers and a quote.

Feb page whole


I decided to switch things on the calendar by painting in squares rather than using the scraps of paper for each day.


Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you all a joyful February.

Cheaters and Blobs

drawbugI’m taking a 21 day Drawing Class with Carla Sonheim. Everyday we get a video and a new assignment. The students have been asked to do things like draw with their non dominant hand, draw without looking at your paper, draw outlines only and draw looking at your paper 30 percent of the time. Here are some of my assignments so far.

bunny non dominant handThis is a plush toy bunny drawn with my non dominant hand.

Cheater one We had to do an outline of an animal from a photograph without looking at the paper. I chose a seagull. We could “peek” once or twice to get our pen in a better orientation. Hence the name “Cheater Drawings” for this assignment.

Once the outline was done we could go back with a fine line pen and draw in detail. This was fun. It was impossible to copy the photo exactly. This made for a much more quirky critter.

shape animal twoshape animal oneshape animal threeThe above three drawings came from shapes I found outside on walls and sidewalks. After drawing the outline of the shape, I looked to see what kind of creature would emerge. Then I filled in with detail. Can you tell I really liked doing this. We were only required to do one finished drawing. I ended up doing several. Blobimals.

outline from photo animal

Finally comes my little groundhog. Here we started out with a photo of an animal. We were suppose to use the outline shape and then fill in detail any way we wanted. I couldn’t quite capture the whimsical kind of drawing I did with my blob shapes. It came out looking like I was trying to copy a photograph.

We are half way through with the course. It’s been a great experience.

Let 2013 Begin!


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I have added monthly calendars to one of my journals. The calendars were inspired by an article by Kate Crane on the Stampington Blog.

The first monthThis is my journal page for January. Here’s a closer look at how I got there.

My background started out with a base of Dylusion Sprays and stencils that were painted over with Golden acrylic paints.

Beginning the backgroundNext I placed my 31 squares of scrap book paper without gluing them down to get the size of the area that would be my page boarder. Then I stamped the letters for January on scrap book paper and glued them in place.



Then I had some fun painting my three little birds. I stamped some pattern and drew in snow and white flowers with a white Signo uniball marker.

three little birdsWhen the birds were finished, I glued the days of the month squares down on the page, decorating the edges with Tim Holtz distress markers. I wrote my quote in the lower right hand of the page. I love this sentiment. We are so busy expecting to do so much in one day and then beating ourselves up if we don’t get that finished.

what ever you doI painted in white rectangles on the top of the page to write in the days of the week.

Lastly the space in the upper right corner looked a little empty so I painted in the little yellow bird.

yellow birdToday I can make my first entry. I already have my February page sprayed and have some ideas of how this page with be designed.

Happy New Year to all my blog readers.